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coconut palm sugar

About us

CV. Indoasiasourcing is a leading exporter,manufacture and supplier of natural coconut sugar ,cocofiber, coconut fiber from Indonesia. Our products have been widely accepted because of the purity and the process of making mixing natural without any chemicals into our artificial palm sugar. Accuracy , experience and perseverance of our farmers in taking quality coconut sap enable us to meet the demand for palm sugar needs of our customers based in the domestic and international market. We avoid harming the addition of color or preservative for foods that can damage the nutritional value. Our organization is led by people who have experience and deep knowledge in this field. We sell genuine direct artificial palm sugar farmers naturally without going through any additional process except packing for shipping purposes. So if you need a high quality palm sugar and guaranteed quality and purity ( authenticity ) we are supplier coconut sugar so can be believed. Entrust and immediately contact us to get a coconut sugar you need.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is made from the sweet sap of coconut flowers. Sugar contains natural vitamins and minerals that support a healthy lifestyle for people who are active. It has been used as a sweetener and a cooking ingredient in Indonesia, particularly in Java for centuries. Sugar is traditionally produced with great care intensively by our farmers.Coconut Sugar is dedicated to providing an excellent alternative sweeteners can replace sugar cane and sugar beet as a natural sweetener that is more healthy lifestyle. Read more


Still in the family of coconut trees, our other product is coconut fiber ( COCOFIBER), this is also our superior product, coconut fiber /cocofiber  is environmentally friendly product so as not to damage the nature conservation and have various advantages, one of which coconut fiber used as a very good basic material for making furniture such as Bed, Sofa, car seats, plane seats as a replacement for foam, and certainly coconut fiber has many advantages over using foam, both in terms of quality and price, and again this is a natural base  ingredient. and many other benefits of coconut fiber Read more