all the benefits of coconut sugar

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is made from the sweet sap of coconut flowers . Sugar contains natural vitamins and minerals that support a healthy lifestyle for people who are active . It has been used as a sweetener and a cooking ingredient in Indonesia, particularly in Java for centuries . Sugar is traditionally produced with great care intensively by our farmers .Coconut Sugar is dedicated to providing an excellent alternative sweeteners can replace sugar cane and sugar beet as a natural sweetener that is more healthy .It is a delicious addition to coffee or tea , smoothies , fruit juices , cakes , pancakes , Curry dishes , dessert toppings , Pudding , any kind of fruit pies and more .


Coconut sugar that gives the most convenience in food applications. It dilutes and melts easily, and does not burn easily. No more sugar cane caramel failures! Coconut caramel guarantees cooking success while keeping the blood sugar low.

Excellent for: Baking, chocolate making, confectionaries, beverages, coffee and teas...
Application: 1:1 ratio sugar cane crystals substitute, both in volume and weight
Colours like: Pralines ice cream
Tastes like: Caramel without the guilt and sorry
Smells like: The Islands
Glycemic Index (GI): 35 and low
Diabetic friendliness: Very friendly