all the benefits of cocofiber



Coconut plant. is a plant that has many uses from each part. One of them is the skin of coconut fruit called coconut, after processed coconut fiber will realize a product such as fiber, called coconut fiber or cocofiber. cocofiber has strong properties, durable and flexible. .

The coconut fiber is mainly used to replace foam materials in beds, seat cushions, coir mattress, coir doormats, geo textile, plant box, soil erosion prevention, mattresses, car seats & sofas. Coco fiber has many advantages in these applications mentioned. It is processed from raw coconut husk.
Product Description
- Gold Brown / Light Brown
- Measurement <15%
- Impurity < 7%
- Packed in bale @ 100-120 KG / bale
- Dimension per bale 70cmX70cmX80cm


1. The main raw materials are in healthy bed products. because it facilitates air circulation. figure for the sleeping area of ​​the hospital.
2. Cocofiber is used as the base material of the rope industry, for handicrafts,
ropes etc.
3. Cocofiber as industrial base materials such as doormat, sports mat, broom, brush are small examples for this industry.
4. Cocofiber for furniture products. These derivative products are very much application, such as for spring bed mattress, car seat, airplane seats, for cocopot / pot coir, for fiber glass substitute base material, silencer etc, application of furniture product commonly called rubberrized coir / rubbery coir industry.
5. For a tee-off. Golf course to maintain moisture. And to keep the grass green.
6. Option for sound insulation or soundproof material used in studio to absorb sound for recording studio and sound system speaker.
7. Cocofiber can also be applied for garden greening facilities. Water absorption elements in cocofiber can be utilized to create a garden roof (roof garden building) can also be made a garden of fruits in limited land .