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Coconut Sugar Knowledge

Coconut trees are scattered in various parts of Indonesia. So many, Indonesia is one of the largest coconut producing countries in the world. The coconut plant is nicknamed “the tree of life” because all parts of the plant can be utilized. In Indonesia, coconut is an important plantation product because it supports millions of people, making it a very valuable country wealth. Besides being able to be consumed directly by the fruit, the products produced from coconut trees are very good and beneficial for health including Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and COCONUT SUGAR. There is a trend of increasing demand for virgin coconut oil (VCO) and COCONUT SUGAR.

VCO ( VIRGIN COCONUT OIL ) : is coconut oil that is processed from old coconut meat without using heat and chemicals, generally used in the health sector.

COCONUT SUGAR ( COCONUT PALM SUGAR ) : is a product produced from processing coconut sap / coconut flower which is an excellent alternative / substitute sweetener because it does not use any chemicals in its manufacture.

COCONUT SUGAR is durable, can be stored for up to two years without changing color and taste if it is wrapped in a tight place, this is because the water content in crystal coconut sugar is only around 2-3 percent.


1. TAPPING COCONUT FLOWER SAP - The wiretapping is carried out twice a day, at 05.30 to 06.30 in the morning and from 16.00 to 17.00 in the afternoon. The wiretapping carried out in the morning was taken in the afternoon while installing a new lodong to be taken the next day. one coconut tree can usually produce about 10 liters of sap water.

The sap water can be filled after 7-8 hours, after getting the sap water, don't wait up to 2 hours, it must be immediately in the cooking process so that the sap water does not turn into wine.

2. PRODUCTION PROCESS - Water sap, then poured into a large cauldron and cooked with firewood. To produce coconut sugar at least it takes about 4 hours until the sap water is really ready to make sugar. When the sap boils, the sap water will appear brown in color and foamy. When it is foamy, carefully scoop out the foam that has accumulated around the pan to separate the foam from the existing impurities.

When the sap water has started to thicken and explode, the fire in the furnace is reduced. This is so that the sap does not burn when stirring. The boiling sap water in the pan continues to be stirred until it looks like it starts to clot and solidifies and begins to harden, stirring is done in a circular motion in the pan so that the sugar consistency is evenly distributed on each side of the pan and starts to crystallize. After the sap crystallizes hard, then the pan is removed from the stove, then start refining the sugar using coconut shells.

In order to maintain export quality and standards for making organic coconut sugar, at work they must wear a head covering and mask, this is intended so that their hair or sweat does not enter the pan containing the coconut sugar which is being pulverized. The mashed sugar is then sifted to separate the refined sugar and the coarse sugar. When it's finished, it's just baked for about 6 hours in the hot sun. Contact us .

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