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          1. THE 100-kg INQUIRY We get this a lot. This 100-kg inquiry also lead to no successful transaction. Why?
            Because it is extremely expensive to ship this quantity by both air or sea. Consider the following price estimates for 100-kg air-freight:
            To Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, India, South Korea: US$ 1,034
            To Canada, USA, Mexico: US$ 1,168 To Belgium, France, Netherland, Germany, Italy, UK: US$1,159
            To Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia: US$ 2,685 To Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador: US$ 2,849
            You may find better or worse rates than the above - but you can already have an idea why 100-kg purchases never fall through.
            By sea-freight, it is also going to likely be very expensive. This is because most sea-freight forwarders will charge you the minimum by the CBM (cubic metre) basis. For this reason, the shipment costs of transporting 100 kgs and 4,000 kgs can often be the same price.
  • The 1500 Kgs Minimum Order Quantity ( MOQ ) Inquiry,
    LCL (Less than Container Load)
    This This is the best quantity decision if you want to make the best out of your quoted shipment price. Now choose between air or sea freight.
    Air freight is pricey but you will get the goods quick, in a matter of days instead of weeks. We rarely receive air-freighted orders and when we do, they are often needed in urgency..
  • The CBM Minimum Inquiry,
    LCL (Less than Container Load)
    This applies only to sea-freight shipments and is the most cost-efficient option out of all the above for LCL orders. All sea-freight forwarders have a minimum charge they go by, and often calculated in cubic metre basis (CBM). Depending on which forwarding company you use, this number of minimum can vary from 3 CBM to 5 CBM. You then maximise the number of pallets that you can fit within that CBM minimum.
    Our pallet dimensions are: 115 cm (w) x 115 cm (d) x varying heights from 170 cm to 193 cm, depending on product and final quantity.
    On average 1-pallet cubication is 1 - 2 CBM.
  • The FCL (Full Container Load) Inquiry This applies only to sea-freight shipments by the FCL or full container load. It is the most economical purchase option if you are certain that you will use or distribute our products in larger quantities.
    20-foot container can fit:
    10. MT (10,000 kgs) of coconut sugar, on pallets.
    14. MT (14,000 kgs) of coconut sugar, without pallets.